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William  R. Leon 
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Kunphen Tibetan Medicine Center today...

Today, Kunphen TMC has evolved as a modern online institution for the delivery,  study and promotion of Tibetan Traditional Medicine, delivering daily health/social services in selected strategic sites in Kathmandu Valley, producing Medicinal Herbs, and promoting seminars and conferences in close collaboration with selected Academic Units and NGOs network. It has departments dedicated to Herbal Medicine Product Research, Materia Medica Training, Pharmacology, Clinical Research and Mental Health. 

Kunphen fundamental motivation is to produce medicinal preparations based upon Tibetan Dharma and Tibetan Medicine philosophical traditions. 

The income derived from the sales of these products provides funds to assist in various health, social and educational charitable activities, as well as the promotion of quality services and preservation of the ancient system of medicine.

Kunphen was duly established officially in KTM- Nepal to produce and market Tibetan Traditional Health products, based on the Tibetan Science of Healing.



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Address :

KUNPHEN Tibetan Medical Center

16/31 Kunphen Marg, Chhetrapati

GPO BOX: 3428 - Kathmandu - Nepal

Tel: 00- 977- 1-  4251 920

Fax: 00- 977- 1- 4259 664

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