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 a short biography of Dr. Tashi Pedon Sherpa   



Dr. Tashi Pedon comes from a long line of Tibetan physicians. Both her father and mother came from families of medical practitioners. Her father, late Dr. Amchi Kunsang,  was a highly educated Tibetan doctor, who had studied at the highest level of medical science in Tibet. He was originally invited to Nepal to serve as physician for late King Tribhuvan, and later established the Kunphen Tibetan Medical Center, which remains one of the best-known Tibetan medical clinic located in Kathmandu, Nepal.



After completing her basic education in Kathmandu, Dr. Tashi studied Tibetan medicine with her father for six years. She studied the traditional texts, methods of diagnosis and how to compound medicine. During this time, she also received practical training at the Kunphen clinic itself.

In 1996, Dr. Tashi joined the Tibet Institute of Traditional Tibetan medicine in Lhasa Tibet (TAR, China). She completed the three-year course in theory and practice of Tibetan Medicine, and received her diploma in 1999. From 1999 to 2001, she continued her practical education by serving at the Lhasa Mentseekang (Institute of Tibetan Medicine and Astrology), while she also returned at times to treat patients at the Kunphen clinic. In Lhasa Mentseekang, , Dr. Tashi Pedon also learned and practiced acupuncture and moxibustion.  

From 2001, Dr. Tashi has been a full time physician at the Kunphen clinic. Since 2003, she has been the Medical Centre's Deputy Director. In addition to seeing patients, Dr. Tashi is also responsible for overseeing the production of all the Tibetan medicine used at the clinic. Medicine from the Kunphen clinic is not only used in Nepal, but is as well being exported abroad, particularly in Europe and Russia. The clinic serves a wide variety of patients, from high Tibetan Lamas and Rinpoches to the ordinary Nepalis and Tibetans, as well as many foreigners living in Nepal, Between 60 to 100 patients visit the Kunphen clinic, on a daily basis...




Dr. Kunsang and Dr. Tashi Pedon giving some consultation, during a Tibetan Medicine lecture in St- Barbara (CA, USA, 1999).



Dr. Kunsang Dorje, the brother of Dr. Tashi Pedon...

Dr. Ngawa Takpa (Jigme Wangchuk) at Kunphen...




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