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A Brief Introduction to Kunphen Tibetan Medicine Center

Tibetan traditional medicine is an ancient synthesis of the art of healing, which is drawing on the knowledge of medical systems existing in the wide region of Southeast and Central Asia, with ramifications to Chinese, Greek and Egyptian ancient healing knowledge. Through the process of drawing such synthesis, Tibetan medicine was established officially during the 7th to the 12th centuries A.D. from fundamental theoretical concepts based primarily on the Indian Buddhist system of medicine. The Buddha himself developed this system of medicine 2500 years ago...

The Kunphen Tibetan Medical Centers was established in Kathmandu - Nepal, by its reputed founder: late Dr. Kunsang, with the aims to develop and research of Tibetan Herbal Medicine Services, in both Kathmandu - Nepal and also in Nyalam, a village situated just at the Tibet TAR (China) border with Nepal.

The center continues to serve today under its original name: the Kunphen Tibetan Medical Center (KTMC). It is a primary health care charitable, cultural and educational institution that functions under the guidance and support of late Dr. Kunsang and its respected Tibetan medicine family members. 



 Late Dr. Kunsang : a short Biography of His Life and Events   


Late Dr. Kunsang,
the Founder of the Kunphen Tibetan Medical Center(s)



Dr. Kunzang, was born in Dingri, Tibet in 1924. At the early age of 12, he became disciple of Venerable Khyenrab Norbu Rimpoche (1883 - 1992), one of the most famous physician of the time (Doctor of His Holiness Dalai Lama) and director of the then Chagpori Medical College Men-Tsee-Khang in Lhasa - Tibet , with whom he started to learn and practice Tibetan Medicine Pharmacology, Philosophy, Engineering and Astrology, as well as shown himself to be very gifted in such Tibetan traditional Arts as Carving, Thangkas and Statues.

In 1950, having became a refugee from Tibet and residing in Kathmandu valley, Dr. Kunsang was called to assist the Nepal Royal palace of the time to cure late King Tribhuvan from his liver disorder, all of which, after treating him highly successfully, led Dr. Kunsang to become appointed Tibetan Doctor to the late Nepal King Tribhuvan and subsequent Members of the Nepal Kingdom Royal Family.

Having in the following years established an outstanding reputation for Kunphen, late Dr. Kunsang then resumed again his activities in the border area of Tibet and Nepal, namely in his family village of Nyalam and in the related high Himalayan region, where he strived to help local people suffering from diseases, lack of education, poor sanitation and related handicaps. Late Dr.  Kunsang became duly recognized by the Tibetan Autonomous Region authorities to perform health, social and education services and was consequently in position to create a highly successful Tibetan Medicine factory.   

In 1963, the Nepal government, being highly satisfied, granted further to the Kunphen Tibetan Medical Center the status of Traditional Health Trainer, providing rural villages selected healers with upgrading training sessions, all of which is duly certified. The Traditional Health Worker training scheme is since then performed every year, under the Nepal Health Department supervision.

It is said that during the following years, late Dr. Kunsang must have treated more than 100.000 people from both Nepal and the Tibetan Nyalam area. As the Kunphen Tibetan Medicine Center itself became more and more respected in Kathmandu valley,  it finally became recognized in 1973 by the Nepal Health Department as the first duly registered Tibetan Medicine Factory and Clinic.

Dr. Kunsang, travelling on a regular pace in alternance between the  Kathmandu Kunphen Clinic and the Nyalam Medicine Factory Tibet TAR,  worked as Physician, as well as a professor of Tibetan Medicine and Director of the Nyalam based Tibetan Medicine factory. He was one of the very few existing Amchis (Physicians) who knew and perform the sophisticated skills of natural elements composition and transmutation for the Precious Pills.

During his long and active life, late Dr. Kunsang has participated to various national and international leading conferences in Tibetan Medicine in Europe, U.S.A. and Asia. Sadly, he passed away in Kathmandu on August 12, 2006, deeply mourned by all who knew him well, and respected Him deeply for His compassion, science and wisdom.


Dr. Kunsang with Dr. Tachi Pedon giving some consultation, during a Tibetan Medicine lecture in St- Barbara (CA, USA, 1999).

Dr. Kunsang while at a Tibetan Medicine Congress held in Lhasa Tibet TAR...

Dr. Kunsang discussing medicine products with a Tibetan medicine colleague...
Dr. Kunsang examining some Tibetan Medicine production supply stock.



Kunphen Tibetan Medicine Center today...

Today, Kunphen TMC has evolved as a modern online institution for the delivery,  study and promotion of Tibetan Traditional Medicine, delivering daily health/social services in selected strategic sites in Kathmandu Valley, producing Medicinal Herbs, and promoting seminars and conferences in close collaboration with selected Academic Units and NGOs network. It has departments dedicated to Herbal Medicine Product Research, Materia Medica Training, Pharmacology, Clinical Research and Mental Health. 

Kunphen' s fundamental motivation is to produce medicinal preparations based upon Tibetan Dharma and Tibetan Medicine philosophical traditions. 

The income derived from the sales of these products provides funds to assist in various health, social and educational charitable activities, as well as the promotion of quality services and preservation of the ancient system of medicine.

Kunphen was duly established officially in KTM- Nepal to produce and market Tibetan Traditional Health products, based on the Tibetan Science of Healing.


Kunphen Contact address...


Contact person : Dr. Tashi Pedon

Postmail :

KUNPHEN Tibetan Medical Center

16/31 Kunphen Marg, Chhetrapati

GPO BOX: 3428 - Kathmandu - Nepal

Tel: 00- 977- 1-  4251 920

Fax: 00- 977- 1- 4259 664

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