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William  R. Leon 
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Late Dr. Amchi Kunsang, the most respected Founder of the Kunphen Tibetan Medical Center(s) in Nepal and Tibet, here providing treatment...






Dr. Amchi Kunsang and Dr. Tashi Pedon, during a Tibetan Medicine lecture in St- Barbara (CA, USA, 1999).




Dr. Amchi Kunsang Dorje meeting with Tibetan Medical University Mentseekhang Lhasa highest scholar, namely:  Venerable Dr. Turu Tsenam Rimpoche and Dr. Sonam, while during research on Tibetan Medical Herbs in Nepal.




Dr. Amchi Kunsang Dorje, one of  renowned Kunphen's founding director...




Dr. Kunsang during one of the Exhibition on Tibetan Medicine in Shigatse, Tibet...



Dr. Kunsang combining medicine




Dr. Kunsang Dorje during a meeting in Kathmandu with Dr. Nyima Tsering, President of Tibetan Medicine University Lhasa, and other scholars during research held in Kathmandu Nepal (1998)



Dr. Kunsang Dorje meeting with several Nepal Government and Health Department representatives during a function related to the annually held Traditional Health Workers Medicinal Herbs Training in KTM, Nepal (1998)




Dr. Ngawang Dhakpa providing treatment...







A selection of Tibetan Medicine herbs and flowers




Kunphen Tibetan Medicine Center KTM Prescription Counter






The Kunphen Clinic Gardens (Waiting Room...)





Nyalam - Kunphen Tibetan Medicine factory in Tibet TAR





Combining Tibetan Medicine Herbals and Mineral Material

Two workers at the Nyalam Tibetan Medicine Pills preparation (1)
















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