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When Dr.Kunsang Dorje met with Tibetan Medical University Mentseekhang Lhasa highest scholar, namely

Turu Tsenam Rimpoche,  and with Dr. Sonam, during research meeting on Tibetan Medical Herbs in Nepal


Nyalam  Tibetan Medicine factory Tibet


Combining Tibetan Medicine Herbals and Mineral Material


Two workers at the Tibetan Medicine Pills preparation (1)


Tibetan Medicine Pills at the preparation  (2)


Tibetan Medicine Pills polisher.


Tibetan Medicine electric dryer


Tibetan Medicine Pills in electric dryer storage


Tibetan Medicine Pills drying in the Sun

Staff at the premisse of Tibetan Medicine Sun exposure

Storage Room

Automatic medicine packaging machine.





When Dr. Kunsang Dorje met in Kathmandu with Nyima Tsering, Chairman of Tibetan medicine University Lhasa,

and other scholars during research held in Kathmandu Nepal (19..)

When Dr. Kunsang Dorje met with several Nepal Government and Health Department representatives

during a function related to Traditional Health Workers Medicinal Herbs Training in KTM, Nepal (1998)